Client Testimonials

Attn: bunny parents!  It's difficult to find a rabbit sitter. Michelle recently cared for our rabbit, Debbie. She arrived promptly for a consultation, asked knowledgeable questions and provided an invoice within hours. Her prices are clearly stated. She will send updates (as many or few as you like.)  When we arrived home it was obvious Deb had been very well cared for. Michelle was professional and kind. Support a small, well run, business. You will be so pleased.


Joan, James & Debbie

Michelle picks up Moz from doggie day care service, and also walks & feeds my whole crew (2 big dogs and a cat) when I am away from home for a long day each week.  


My furry folk and I love Michelle.  She is professional, reliable and hands down awesome.  I previously owned a pet sitting company for years, so am very picky about professionalism and the little details.  I prefer a company that carries insurance and an owner/sitter who is themselves experienced, knowledgeable and dependable.  I find all of those qualities in Michelle.  You know exactly what to expect, can always open lines of communication and can always anticipate great service.  I have flip flopped between smaller companies and sitters who may cost a little less, but there is an obvious difference in the level of service.  


From bringing the mail and trash cans in to making sure things I may have forgotten to do are taken care of for the safety of my beasties (leave food out, don't lock the trash can lid for my curious doberman, etc). I feel such a peace of mind having her as our sitter.  My dogs are huge and can be a handful on walks.  I get nervous having some folks walk them, and especially if there are walkers that I haven't met before.  I don't have those worries at all using her service.  I know when her service does grow and it comes time to hire more staff, that they will be properly trained, insured and that they will still be under her guidance.  


Her billing is organized and punctual, and she is awesome about scheduling and payments in whatever manner I prefer.  


Clair, Moz, Kai & Kokkai

Michelle is AMAZING! She has cared for my pit bull Louie for almost 2 years.  I cannot say enough for the level of attention she shows with every visit! And then follows up with pictures and a short write up recapping her time with Louie. She also takes the time to do the little things, bring in the mail, packages, water the flowers, turn on a light.  It doesn’t get any better!  Besides her obvious love for animals, Michelle is reliable, trustworthy, smart, very dependable, sweet, kind and honest! She is also a great communicator.  She always gave me plenty of notice of her vacation times, and always stayed in touch if there was a threat of bad weather.  I cannot say it enough… it doesn’t get any better!


Susan & Louie ("Lou Lou")

Michelle has been a fantastic caretaker for our German Shepherd and cat, providing multiple daily walks while we're at work and overnight stays when we're out of town. She is professional, reliable, honest, communicative, and accommodating. There have been many times when we've contacted her about needing walks or overnight stays just a couple of days in advance, and she's always tried to meet our needs. She's also gone out of her way to help us out in a couple of emergencies. Michelle is wonderful to our pets, and gives our dog treats and ice water after walks. She has even made walks more fun for our dog by bringing along her own dogs, forming the "Woof Pack." Michelle has also taken great care of our home when we're away by bringing in the mail, putting out the trash, and doing laundry when the cat decided to use the bed and multiple rugs as a litter box. I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough.


Amy & Juno and Chance

It is such a comfort to be able to vacation without fretting about my beautiful 18 yr old kitty. Michelle constantly arrived on time and would email me a picture of my boy also telling me what he was doing. When I got home there was a written report with dates and time.  She even took my boy for a walk on his leash - brought in the mail and watered flowers. She was a great comfort to us.


Mary & Foxy

I would like to highly recommend Tails of Philly and specifically, Michelle Smolka, for their dog sitting services. Michelle and her team went well beyond any of my expectations and I've always felt safe leaving my dogs in their care. I am very thankful for their professionalism, and Michelle's obvious genuine love of animals.


Leo & Lailah and Malek

Michelle was awesome!! She took meticulous care of my kitties (all 5 of them!) whenever I was away and that was comforting. However, when my 16 year old tabby became ill Michelle came while I was at work and cared for her so I could have some peace of mind. She sends pics and little updates about all the cats! Michelle is an excellent communicator and business woman but more importantly she is sweet and loving. She became like a member of our family, she walked my sister's rescue pitty 3 times a week and cared for my mom's elderly kitty. She is reliable and trustworthy. We referred her to everyone...our loss is Philadelphia's gain!


Sheila & Sam, Oscar, Harleigh, Beau and Charley

Michelle is a loving and attentive pet caregiver. When we have gone away for week-long vacations, we’ve come home to a happy and relaxed cat, because she was there giving her full attention to our furry baby. It’s a relief to know that our finicky and cranky cat had someone to care for her in our absence, and the daily texts (with pictures) made our vacation time a lot more relaxing because we knew she was in good hands. Our cat doesn’t like anybody who visits, except Michelle! She has a special way with pets and her work is obviously a labor of love.


Colleen & Grace

We have two rambunctious and active Boston Terriers and full time jobs that keep us away from the house most days.  Michelle Smolka has been our dogs’ best friend, rescuing them with walks and attention on those days that they spend big chunks of their time crated.  They are happily worn out from these walks (and consistently better behaved in the evening after she walks them.)  We were so pleased with the results that we’ve had her come on weekdays even if we are home. Michelle is consistent and affectionate with our “fur babies” and attentive and careful in taking care of their needs.  Every day we get a text with a photo of happy dogs and a note about their visit.


Michelle and her company also provided us with pet and house sitting services while we were abroad and essentially out of touch.  We were nervous at first about leaving the dogs for so long, but she did a great job and the trip went off without a hitch.  We will be using her for our next vacation (a cruise) because we know she will be able to handle anything the Boston “Terrors” send her way.


Sara and Kim & Molly and Loki 

Recently we had to say goodbye to Callie, our loving pet of 14 years. Callie was an Australian Shepard who like most Aussies needed to be around a new person for a few times before she warmed up to anyone.


About a year ago, a friend recommended Tails of Philly as her go-to pet sitting service.  What happened when Michelle came into the house still amazes me. Callie took to Michelle instantly. We learned a lot about Michelle’s background and her love for all animals. With Callie’s instant approval we booked vacation dog sitting that evening. We had no idea then that this would turn out to be a very wonderful relationship.


A week before our vacation Callie had surgery to remove a fatty lump from her back and a mole or wart on her front paw. Callie wore a cone to prevent her from licking her paw, but Callie figured out very quickly how to get around it and licked her wound raw. While we were away, Michelle took the extra time to apply antibiotics and monitor the area so it didn’t get infected. We knew our pet was in great hands and getting all the care she needed. Michelle even offered to take her to the vet if necessary. Fortunately it never got to that under Michelle’s wonderful care. Michelle sent us daily texts along with pictures of Callie which helped ease our concerns.


Since then, we used Michelle’s services every time we travel and for daily midday visits when we work long hours. 


I cannot say enough about the wonderful care our furry family member received. I highly recommend Tails of Philly for all your pet care needs.


Richard and Peggy & Callie

Michelle has been my cat sitter for over two years and is the best cat sitter I've ever had! She is 100% reliable, sending texts and pictures of your pets while you're away so you know for sure they are doing well. The best thing about Michelle is that pet-sitting is not just a job for her -- she gives the pets she cares for unconditional love, even if, like my cat Izzie, they actively dislike strangers and don't express love back. Izzie hisses at anyone who is not me, but Michelle never takes it personally and still treats Izzie like the princess cat she thinks she is! Hire Michelle as your pet sitter, and you will always come home to a pet who is well taken care of, healthy, and most importantly, happy!


Victoria & Izzie