Services & Rates


Our dog walking/pet sitting rates vary depending on the type and length of each service and the number of pets.



Pets are taken out for bathroom breaks, exercise, socialization and TLC while you’re at work or away!

  • 15-minute paw stretch and potty break = $18
  • 30-minute walk = $20
  • 45-minute walk = $28
  • 60-minute walk = $35

Rates based on 1 pet. Each additional pet, please add $3.



The perfect solution for your domestic pet care needs while you are on vacation.

  • 15-minute pet sitting visit= $18
  • 30-minute pet sitting visit = $20
  • 45-minute pet sitting visit = $28
  • 60-minute pet sitting visit = $35 

Rates based on 1 pet. Each additional pet, please add $3.



Added home security and TLC for your pets while you're gone.

  • Overnight pet sitting with AM & PM walks/feeding included: $65.

Additional walks extra. Rate applies to two pets. $3 per additional pet.

  • Overnight house sitting (no pets): $50.
  • House checks where we come by to bring in mail, identify problems, check house, etc.: $20 for 30 mins; $40 for hour long.

Rates apply to assignments up to 14-days. For longer assignments, clients can negotiate a reduced rate.



We are your dog’s personal fitness trainers!

  • 30-minute dog park outing: $25
  • 60-minute dog park outing: $40
  • 30-minute dog running: $25
  • 60-minute dog running: $40
  • 60-minute dog hike (includes travel to/from home): $40
  • 90-minute dog hike (includes travel to/from home): $55

PET TAXI (includes 10 miles)

  • 30-minute: $25
  • 60-minute: $40
  • over 10 miles = $0.56/mile
  • over 60 minutes = $5/15-minutes

If we are picking up/dropping off outside of the Philadelphia area, the time it takes the driver and fuel used to travel to the pick up/drop off spot will be factored into the total cost.


We are not insured to transport human passengers, only pet ones! We can make arrangements to meet owners at the destination spot.


PET ERRAND SERVICE (includes 10 miles)

  • $40 per hour with minimum reservation of 1-hour (+ cost of items)
  • $35 per hour (+ cost of items) if on monthly contract
  • over 10 miles - $0.56/miles
  • over 60 minutes - $10/15-minutes


Contact us for one-time or monthly rates.



  • Holiday surcharge per visit made on the following holidays: $10

New Year's Eve & Day, Easter,  Memorial Day & Weekend, Independence Day & Weekend if applicable, Labor Day & Weekend if applicable, Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, Christmas Eve & Day

  • Key pick up or drop off: $10
  • Reservations made with less than  72-hrs notice (documented true emergencies will be considered and the fee waived): $25
  • Late payment fee: $10 for every week balances are not paid in full
  • Returned/cancelled check: $30
  • Holiday cancellation: 50% of total services cancelled
  • Non-holiday cancellations if less than 24-hour notice: one visit charge 
  • Second service consult: $25